Fermentations are the biotechnological processes par excellence, and certainly the oldest. The techniques for obtaining, through fermentation, beneficial transformations of food (wine, vinegar, bread, yogurt, beer, etc.) have been known for centuries.

In addition to being used in food technology, fermentations allow to produce many compounds of pharmaceutical interest, such as antibiotics, or nutraceutical, such as vitamins and amino acids. For fermentation produces biogas and bioethanol.


Acting on the fermentation conditions (eg. Temperature, pH) can increase the yield of the product and optimize the process, depending on your specific needs.

In4Tech is able to develop new processes, new equipment and new technologies to produce substances of interest to you, or to improve the performance of existing processes.

The use of bioreactors for the fermentation allows a better environment control for microorganisms growth, ensuring the best development conditions necessary to achieve the maximum yield of the desired product.



The biocatalytic techniques have been employed for years the food industry (eg. the production of vanillin), and more recently applied in the textile and detergent industry, where the use of enzymes ensures both ecological and economical advantages as compared to existing processes, ensuring the same or better product quality or (often) better, together with:

-fewer processing steps (better productivity and lower costs)

-the transfer of processes from organic solvents to water (lower emissions, saving on raw materials and wastewater treatment)

-the use of mild reaction conditions (temperature, avoiding very high or very low and therefore the cost to heat and refrigerate).


In4Tech has a long experience in the development of production processes and in the use of enzymes in industrial processes.

To reduce costs, we can also provide highly stable enzymes, which can be recovered and used again, or enzymes trapped on solid insoluble supports.

Both biocatalytic processes and fermentation processes, offer great opportunities in the exploitation of biomasses and agro-industrial waste.



Before putting to work microorganisms (fermentation) or enzymes (biocatalysis), it is necessary to "prepare" the raw material (agro-industrial wastes, biomasses of various origins, starchy substances, etc. etc.) i.e. indentify the optimal conditions ensuring the development of the biological agents responsible for the process.

The upstream may include different stages, to be identified according to the specific needs of process employed by our costumers, the type of raw material, the type of microgranism/enzyme and the product to be obtained.


In4Tech can provide specialized support during all the phases of the upstream, depending on your specific cost and process needs. We can perform feasibility studies, scenario analysis and verification of availability and cost of raw materials of interest to you.

In4Tech always guarantees the use of the best technology available on the market and, whenever necessary, the customized optimization for particular applications.



At the end of the biocatalytic or fermentation process, depending on whether the aim is recovering cell biomass (e.g. Yeast production) or a specific organic molecule, the purification process ensures the separation of such substances from the other components, in a controlled and optimal system, to obtain the desired product in pure form, according to market specifications or regulations.

There are several chemical-physical methods and different technologies available.


The downstream phase is extremely versatile and adaptable to different needs. The choice of the most suitable operations is made according to the specifications of the product you want to obtain. 

As in the case of upstream, In4Tech provides specialized support during all the phases of the process, for any specific costumer requirements. It can produce feasibility studies, scenario analysis and verification of availability and cost of raw materials of interest to you.

In4Tech always guarantees the use of the best technology available on the market and, if necessary, customized optimization for particular applications.



Production and recovery do not complete the list of technologies that can be used in biotechnology. The final product may be subject, in terms of purity or specifications, both to regulating laws or simply to market requirements. This is a basic necessity especially in the pharmaceutical field and veterinary medicine, but also impacts food technology, where increasingly stringent regulatory standards are being adopted. Finishing technologies are applied for the purification of biomethane frombiogas.


In4Tech is ready to solve all critical phases of the process to give you the right solution regarding your final product and the required specifications.

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