The new division of the group deals with the design, construction and supply of biotechnology plants, in particular fermenters and bioreactors. For all systems, we are able to provide the customer with the all documents listed below:
  • Certificates of materials used, with certification of the chemical and mechanical performed
  • Certificates of non-toxicity, sterility / sterilisability and matching the standards and norms of FDA / EU GMP regarding materials or installed on flexible pipelines
  • Data sheets and certificates of insulating materials employed for insulation
  • Certification of the degree of finishing (roughness) of the surfaces of the pipelines and materials in contact with the process/product
  • Certificates of qualification of welders
  • Welding log
  • Isometric drawings of the pipelines identifying welds
  • Piping layouts - 1:10 (paper and digital format)
  • Drawings "as built" (paper and digital format)
  • Parts list (specifying type of connections, diameters pipes, seals, materials, ...)
  • Spare parts list
  • Technical sheets of instruments and equipment
  • Manufacturer's technical documentation related to valves and instrumentation installed: technical sheets, technical drawings, user's manual (in Italian)
  • Final report of all activities performed, with notes specifying any deviations encountered

All drawings "as built" will be provided both as hard copy (A1 size) and digitalized format (file extension ".dwg").

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